We publish online and in print, often partnering with other news organizations, including The Washington Post, The Philadelphia Inquirer and PBS FRONTLINE.

PBS FRONTLINE has been our partner since the Workshop was created. We recently co-produced our 12th program, pairing students as reporters and researchers with a FRONTLINE team based at the School of Communication. Students also work as assistants on shoots and research historic and recent video footage and stills. We also recently created an IRW-FRONTLINE post-graduate fellowship.

We pair students through the Workshop and our practicum in the newsroom at The Washington Post. They have contributed to 24 published investigative projects over the past five years. 

Additional ongoing partners include the local NPR affiliate, WAMU-FM, and Reveal News at the Center for Investigative Reporting.

Other partners include:

ABC World News Tonight

• The Broward Bulldog

Columbia Journalism Review

• DC Open Government Coalition

• FairWarning

• The Financial Times

• The Huffington Post Investigative Fund

The Lens in New Orleans

McClatchy Newspapers

Mother Jones


• New America Media

• The New Yorker

• The New York Times

• The Philadelphia Enquirer


• Politics Daily


• The Washington Post


Partnerships take a variety of forms, including simultaneous publication of the same investigation or summaries of our findings.

Some organizations publish an analysis of our work along with additional reporting by their own staffers, as did McClatchy with our reporting on nuclear lobbying. Still others have our reporters as guest bloggers on their websites, including Workshop reporter John Dunbar, who is working with The Washington Post on a project that looks at disparities in broadband access.

A few examples of how our partners used our work or collaborated with us follow. If you're interested in partnerships, contact Lynne Perri at

  • Politico
  • The Huffington Post Investigative Fund
  • Incubating new economic models for journalism.

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